Monday, February 3, 2014

Aiken 2014 has officially begun!!

It's Monday, marking the official second day of our excursion, and Joe and I have snuck away to Atlanta Bread for a little late lunch while we wait for a flat tire to be fixed across the street (more on that later).

We arrived Saturday evening after a fairly smooth sailing trip south.  All the horses traveled well together (McGee lasted the entire trip muzzle free!!!)  And everyone appreciated the wonderful Virginia hospitality at our stop over.  The horses got some turn out time, and Joe and I were spoiled by a four course dinner followed by a complete breakfast in the morning.  The second day of travel went smoothly and we arrived at Sandy Hills with plenty of time to walk horses in the daylight and get them settled into their stalls.  Sunday morning Scorpita and Emmett joined the group, and we spent the day organizing turn out schedules and setting up the barn/tack/feed rooms.  The horses are all enjoying some very large turnout space and have settled nicely into three "herds".  Beacon, Carino, and McGee share one field while the girl pack of Ari, Devi, and Pita share another.  Emmett is solo at the moment waiting for the rest of his pasture buddies to arrive, but he is keeping himself and his three neighbors entertained with friendly exchanges over the fence. 

The best part about "First Turnout Sunday".....   ALL horses came in with all shoes!!!  This may be a first ever occurrence!

Today, Monday, is the first day of rides for everyone.  Joe noticed that one of my trailer tires had gone low in the parking lot (dang it!) so he swapped it out for me (yay!!!!)  Marissa and I spent the morning finishing up organizing the barn and then got to the riding schedule for the day.  I must mention that we were SWEATING mucking stalls in t-shirts, and that all the horses were turned out naked (sorry to everyone up north!)

The first five rides went really well.  Beacon was a bit fired up, but worked hard to contain his excessive energy, Ari thought about being a little spooky when a breeze lifted her tail, but then decided to be just perfect instead, Devi was a little energetic but contained herself very well, Emmett was very well behaved (not even one buck or cow kick, Carrie!), and Carino was very good for Marissa.  Pita and McGee will go this afternoon.

That brings us to my current status updating this blog at Atlanta Bread (I keep calling it Panera by mistake, but it's exactly the same).  We dropped the tire off to get repaired but as it turns out it has a cracked rim (dang!!!)  so Joe left me with my computer and he's off to grab the spare off the trailer to swap out the rubber, good thing my Dad makes me carry two spares on trips like this! 

It's sunny and 65 degrees right now, I heard everyone up north is getting ready for more snow.  Sounds like I left just in time!

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