Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Aiken Adventures- jump judging

Its 75 degrees out! And Zion and I are stationed at fence 10 on the Novice track at Full Gallop soaking up some sun.  Red and Chris are also volunteering here today across the field.  I think it is so important to volunteer if u are able to do so, organizers are always desperate for help of any kind (trust me!)  And what better way to get your horse fix in on a sunny afternoon?  You have to do it right though!  A hat to block some sun, a little bit of shade, a chair to kick back in, and some citrus iced green tea makes the whole experience worthwhile.  Now I get to relax and check out the color schemes that are in this season, don't want Beacon and I to engage in a fashion taboo next weekend!

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  1. And the golf cart guy drives around with pizza for the volunteers! Pizza!!!! Brilliant! Thoughts, Mom?