Monday, February 18, 2013

Aiken Adventures- A Week in Review

Lot's of excitement happening down in Aiken, this was a super busy week!  After the Apple Tree Combined Test on Tuesday I lessoned again with Doug on Beacon Thursday (this time on the flat) ran Beacon Paradise in the Open Prelim division Friday, ran Devi Ari and Diem in Open novice divisons Sat/Sun, welcomed Jane and Kate to Aiken, met Chris and Red's new horse (yes!), learned how to be creative drying clothes sans dryer, found a HUGE spider in the barn (and I mean HUGE, ....Chris also screeched like a little girl...) .... (sorry Chris) .... :)  body clipped Devi (and had to borrow clippers to finish since my blades died and no one sells them here!)  Let's see, what else...  met up with friends at a kareoke bar (but I most certainly didn't sing!) and ate delicious crab legs at Local's.  I think that about sums it up!  Details below:

First, massive spider, any ideas what it is???

Chris's new horse:
Chris's leg after his first rodeo ride and stellar dismount:

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