Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aiken Updates

Life in Aiken has been pretty busy since Full Gallop.  We had more northern visitors as Patti, Carrie, and Conor made the trek south and luckily, this time, the weather cooperated and they got some gorgeous days!

Carrie and Emmett were reacquainted after a six week boot camp and Carrie was able to enjoy some lovely dressage schools, a jump set, and even a gallop on the track.  I have been tremendously pleased with the progress that Emmett has made down here this year.  He is developing into a lovely horse with a great work ethic and talent to boot!  Lucky Carrie!  I'm looking forward to see what the season has in store for these two!

Scorpita's growth also really impressed me this season. In the beginning she was very difficult under saddle, but by then end of her program she was happy to hack out across the countryside and also got right down to work in the arena.  Patti had some wonderful lessons on her and the two looked super.  She is a lovely sweet mare with a lot of ring presence; I'm so proud that she has shown such a jump in maturity in such a short period of time!

The following week was a whirlwind for me as I flew home to work a shift at the firehouse.  Mom and Lisa flew in Wednesday night to learn the ropes Thursday and then take over the farm for me Friday and Saturday under Marissa's exacting schedule and watchful eye.  Lisa got some great jump schools in on both my mares Thursday.  She did a superb job show jumping Ari over some technical grids and large fences, and an amazing job XC schooling Devi over some Intermediate questions!  Patti headed north Thursday morning, I flew out Thursday night, Carrie and Conor shipped Pita and Emmett home Friday, Lisa did a series of dressage/jump/conditioning sets on all the horses Friday, Mom and Lisa flew out Saturday midday, and I flew back in Saturday evening.  What a whirlwind!!  Through all of this organized chaos, super groom and barn sitter Marissa kept things flowing smoothly and cleaned the place up so that all was back to normal Sunday, just in time for more northern visitors Monday (Betsy and Alison with Keno and Grace)!  I am so lucky to have such an amazing support group throughout the Valinor Family, thanks so much for all the help guys!!!!

Cleaning up the tack aisle!

.....and the main aisle....

...and buckets and feed tubs galore!!!!

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