Monday, March 3, 2014

Marissa's Blog

While I still struggle to bring the blog up to date, Marissa is helping to keep us current!  (**Disclaimer:  Marissa took a bunch of videos and pictures for us, but my technologically challenged self is having difficulty uploading them... I got a few!)

Marissa's Blog

Thought I would try to write a blog about the past few days and let Erin catch up from where she left off until now. I have taken as many pictures and video I can to post here! So here it goes!

Friday 28th
Friday was a busy day with all 9 horses needing the get ridden and then get 3 ready to show the next day. While Erin was doing her rides I tried to clean up our part of the barn and get things together for the show. Everyone was ridden on the flat except Beacon who had a jump lesson with Allison Springer. I have some video of the lesson that hopefully I can post! Beacon jumped well and Allison threw a lot of new ideas and concepts for Erin to work with! After all the horses were done and fed we then got to start show prep…at 6:00pm. Let’s just say it was a LATE night. We ended up having a mini pizza party with Therese in the tack room. Of course Erin then ended up going to Eric Horgan’s so her night was even longer!

Saturday the 1st
Erin and I competed at Sporting Days HT on Saturday. I competed at Training Level and had a great go! My dressage felt great and was in 2nd after my test. We had a parting of ways in my SJ warm up right before I was to go in…thanks to me letting my nerves get to me coming to a big oxer…but Erin and her friend Bevin helped me get it together to put in a nice SJ round...that even moved me up to first! Next was my hardest phase…xc. I have had a rough time getting around clear at training level xc and had many eliminations and crashes so I get VERY nervous xc. However, my horse rocked it and didn’t even blink an eye at a thing! Coming to the last fence it didn’t seem real I was about to FINALLY go clear. Erin of course was standing on Devi at the finish line cheering me on. I unfortunately had a few time faults pushing me from first to third but oh well! We went clear and had a blast!
Erin had good dressage test on the two mares however the scores didn’t show it. I only got to see Ari’s dressage and Devi’s SJ. Devi show jumped like a hunter pony and Ari went clear SJ as well. The two mares rocked it around xc! Devi had one stop coming out of the water due to loss of power through the deep water but Ari went clear!

Sunday the 2nd
Today was an “easy” day since we only had 6 horses to ride instead of 9! Erin and I have been completely exhausted and like zombies this past week. We started the day cleaning up the barn and stalls. Erin rode everyone today on the flat since they had yesterday off because we were at the show 8-5! While Erin did her rides I cleaned out the trailer, washed boots and tried to put everything back into place. Erin finished the day jumping Beacon and he was wonderful! Best jumping I have seen from him ever! We then fed and did evening chores and got out of the barn BEFORE dark!

I head to the barn tomorrow morning until I have to head to my 1:00 class and then unfortunately have my evening filled with meetings for school so won’t get back to the barn until Wednesday morning.

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