Sunday, March 23, 2014

Very quick non Aiken post

Quick non Aiken blog post. Today when I went to the barn I was expecting to just have a nice quite lesson with Lisa, but that didn’t happen. The second I walked into the barn I was greeted by Robyn, Linda, and Chis singing happy birthday. I didn’t even know what to say, I was totally shocked, and semi embarrassed. It was a nice jester nonetheless.
While I was tacking up Robyn came up to me and said she might have another surprise for me. I had many thoughts running through my head trying to figure out what it was, Robyn would not budge and give me any hints even when I tried to guess multiple times. I forgot about this possible surprise that might be coming so I got on Mason and started to warm up while talking to Lisa as I usually do. All of a sudden Lisa tells me to get off Mason with a stern voice and serious look on her face. I look over and Jack is at the window so I start thinking something was wrong, so I walk over to the window to see Jack and all of a sudden he pulls out a mini cake! Then for a second time this morning I had someone sing happy birthday to me. I didn’t even know what to say! I just started laughing! Too bad no one took a video of this! Or maybe it was a good thing no one took any video ;)
This was the best birthday ever! I owe a huge thank you to Robyn, Jack, and Lisa for such a wonderful surprise!!! This will be a birthday I will never forget! Thank you Valinor Farm for being my second family!

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